Curry Vadouvan


Vadouvan, a French Indian curry powder, is bursting with the vibrant flavors of both cuisines. This is a delicate blend and does not hold up to long cooking times or high temperatures. Add this spice towards the end for a more pronounced flavor. Perfect for poultry, salads, seafood, and vegetable dishes.

Beyond its savory, allium-centric character, vadouvan is sweet and just a tad smoky (the result of careful toasting of spices before blending). Its aroma is that of entering a spice market, complex but welcoming. Encumbered by pepper, chile, cumin, and most aromatic sweet spices, vadouvan skips lightly from meat of all kinds to white and root vegetables, soups (especially puréed) to sauces (both rich creams and thin intense jus).


16 oz food service jar