Taco Seasoning


This taco seasoning doesn’t need to be JUST for tacos! The flavorful combination of spices works great on the following:

Flavor soup: Use this seasoning to give your chili or taco soup some extra flavor!

Spice rub: Use this taco seasoning as a spice rub for any kind of meat such as chicken, beef, carnitas, or shrimp. Give your meat a nice pat down and let sit for about 20 minutes before cooking with your preferred method.

Homemade tortilla chips: Ever made our own tortilla chips? This spice mix would be so yummy sprinkled on top of chips!

Roasted veggies: If you’re roasting a bunch of veggies, you’ll love the flavor this seasoning gives your veggies and char grilled sweet potatoes!



16 oz Food Service Jar