Oregano Mexican


Its evergreen shrub blooms from summer to fall with pink to lavender flowers. As compared to garden oregano, the Mexican variety packs more flavor.
When dried, the leaves tend to curl up that’s why this herb is also termed as curly-leaf oregano. As compared to Mediterranean oregano, Mexican oregano has a more floral and grassy aroma. The taste is sweeter, more citrusy, and more anisey, which makes it a perfect pair for chile peppers and cumin.

Most chefs prefer to use Mexican oregano because it tastes a bit sweeter and less bitter than other oregano varieties. In Mexico, the dried form of this herb is often mixed with cumin and powdered chilies to make chili powder. It also complements well with tomato-based dishes, salsas, and burritos.
You can also season your beans, enchiladas, and sausages with this herb. Before you grill some steaks, toss some sprigs to the grill to bring more flavor. The leaves are great in adding flavors to stews and chicken marinades.

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