Lake State Spicery


About Us

Coming from generations of family business here in Michigan, we know a thing or two about customer service and a quality product. Without them you have nothing to offer, with them you can fulfill a need…it’s good business. We are a U.S. Veteran family owned and operated business located in “The Thumb” of Michigan. After personally delivering products Chef to Chef in commercial kitchens for almost 25 years we now offer wholesale and home delivery to be shipped outside of our normal delivery network.

With a Chef at the helm our company, we have the experience at hand to help meet your flavor profile. From grating cheese in his grandmother’s restaurant as a child to being the Chef Petty Officer in the G.O.A.T. locker on board a USN Aircraft Carrier as well as an Executive Chef in Metro Detroit at local Steak & Chop houses and Chrysler World HQ, Duke knows food & flavor.

What We Do

Lake State Spicery offers a choice of different flavor profiles in rubs, seasoning blends and almost every whole or ground herb & spice available. An inspected professionally packaged product delivered to your door.

Yes, you can buy spices anywhere and some are very good and some are not. Ours are of the highest quality tested through and through and delivered to chefs throughout our great state who appreciate our excellence.

We also offer a custom blending program where we will blend your recipe and package it for you.

This is done with strict confidentiality with a signed proprietary agreement to not release or sell your recipe or private blended product to anyone.

In 1996 we founded Chef Express. A chef to chef distribution service and spice has been our family’s life ever since. With the addition of Lake State Spicery we will let the journey continue and expand.

Thanks for considering us for your kitchen, from our family to yours…
Bon Appetite!

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